Week five, longest ride ever, bad weather

Unfortunately, last week I only managed to ride my MTB once.  Having said that, I rode over 47 kilometers, which is my longest ride ever which is not too bad.  Obviously, that was a fun ride because I rode with my friend.  Everyone know riding bikes, especially down trails, is much better with good company.
Furthermore, I also trained with kettlebells twice last week, swings and Turkish getups.  We both know that cycling doesn’t really work our hamstrings, so it’s a good thing those kettlebell swings killed my hamstrings, they are still sore. 
The weather forecast for next week is not good, its gonna snow.  I hope they are wrong because I want to get some more time on the bike.
I’m also looking into a GoPro and post video editing software for my MTB related time but also for the family.  Not to mention the hardware itself, camera, various mounting gear but also how to shoot videos, angles, cinematography, and resolution and framerates.  I’ve viewed a ton of GoPro Hero 7 reviews trying to decide which one to get. 
Man, this is an entirely new world, with lots of rabbit holes to go down.  Here are some resources I found helpful for a newbie like me, check them out. 

Make sure to read this Digital Trends article

Here is a video that compares all the GoPro Hero 7 editions black, silver, and white

After you decide on a GoPro, here is how to set it up so you can later improve the footage with software.  Here the “Loam Ranger” shows how to set up your camera.  He recommends an older GoPro but everything is relevant to the current GoPro’s, minus the gimbal.


And don’t forget, this video, the “Loam Ranger” explains how to post-process videos the easy FREE way.


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