In search of a comfortable saddle

I’ve been using the Bontrager saddle that came with my bike for 4,000km without any problems.  Now, I get numb and looking for a new saddle.  After searching online for causes and solutions to this problem I decided to just try some saddles out. 

The current test saddle on my Trek is a Fizik Gobi M3, 13 cm.  After three rides I can say it is much better than my old one, no numbness, but it is HARD.  We all know that I must adapt to it.  The Fizik is much narrower which means its more comfortable to pedal.  Having said that, I felt some pain behind the knee and moved the saddle closer to the handlebars.

Other things that have crossed my mind are bibs.  Do they ever wear out?

Other saddles that have caught my attention are Selle Italia and SQ Labs.  Selle Italia is very popular and I might be able to test one out before buying.  SQ labs, on the other hand, I’ve only seen online.   However, they seem to be the answer to the numbness.  They have a very interesting design might work.

Anyway, I will see how the Fizik fits after a few more rides.

The Fizi Gobi M3
The old saddle

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