Top Holiday Gifts for the Mountain Biker in Your Life

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are starting to think about what gifts to get for our loved ones. If you have a mountain biker in your life, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great gift options out there for the adventurous type.

One option is a new mountain bike. This is a big investment, but it’s sure to put a smile on any serious mountain biker’s face. Look for a bike with high-quality components, a sturdy frame, and reliable brakes. Some popular brands to consider include Specialized, Trek, and Giant.

Another option is a gift card to a local bike shop. This will allow the mountain biker in your life to choose their own gear, accessories, or even a new bike if they want. Most bike shops also offer services like bike fittings and maintenance, so the gift card can be used for those as well.

For mountain biker who already has everything, they need for their rides, consider a gift that will help them relax and recover after a long day on the trails. A foam roller or massage ball (Amazon links) is a great choice, as it can help alleviate muscle soreness and improve flexibility. A good pair of bike-specific gloves can also be a great gift, as they can help protect the hands from blisters and other injuries.

No mountain biker’s collection of gear is complete without a good set of tools. A multi-tool, tire patch kit, and a pump are essential items that every mountain biker should have on hand. Look for a tool kit that has everything they need, and consider throwing in a spare inner tube or two as well.

Some more ideas to consider

  1. A helmet: Hopefully they already have one, as it isn’t safe to ride a MTB without one.  On the flipside a new helmet is a great idea.  Everyone knows that a MTB helmet wont last forever and should be after a few years. 
  2. A hydration pack: This will allow the rider to carry water and other essentials on the trail, staying hydrated and energized during long rides.
  3. A pair of cycling gloves: These will provide cushioning and protection for the rider’s hands, reducing fatigue and improving grip on the handlebars.
  4. A set of spare tubes: Flat tires are a common problem on the trail, and having spare tubes on hand can save the rider from having to walk their bike back to the trailhead.
  5. A bike lock: This will help the rider to secure their bike when they are not using it, protecting it from theft or damage.
  6. A pair of cycling shoes: These will provide better power transfer and support for the rider’s feet, improving their pedaling efficiency and comfort.
  7. A set of bike lights: These will help the rider to see and be seen on the trail, improving their visibility and safety in low light conditions.
  8. A subscription to a cycling magazine: This will provide the rider with valuable information, inspiration, and entertainment, keeping them up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sport.
  9. A new pair of shorts or jersey: These will provide the rider with comfortable and functional clothing for their rides, improving their performance and enjoyment.
  10. A set of bike racks or a bike trailer: These will allow the rider to transport their bike to the trailhead, or to carry more gear or supplies on their bike.
  11. A set of mudguards or fenders: These will protect the rider and their bike from mud and water, keeping them clean and dry on the trail, especially during the often wet and rainy holyday season. 


Overall, the best holiday gifts for mountain bikers are ones that will help them enjoy their rides even more. Whether it’s a new bike, gear, or tools, the mountain biker in your life is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Happy shopping!