SQ Lab 611 Ergowave Cromo

This SQ Lab 611 Ergowave saddle is much better than the ones I tried in the past.  In the beginning, it feels like you have to think where you have to sit because of the “step down”. But if you forget that and just sit on the saddle you settle in fine.  The truth is that you have to tinker with the saddle angle to get it just right for you, but after that, all you have to do is ride your bike.  I prefer the saddle nose up just a few degrees. One thing that bothered me is that sometimes the saddle squeaked.  So, I removed the saddle cleaned the rails and seat post clamp and the 95% squeaking is gone.  Now it only makes noise if I sit too far forward or back while descending trails. Here are a few pictures of the saddle.

The box it came in
All that was in the box




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