Today’s short ride

After all, I managed to squeeze in a short ride today about one hour and forty minutes.  The way I see it If you cannot ride as long as you want to, ride more intensely.  So, today’s spin was a Fartlek ride which is more intense compared to a long low heart rate one.

Another thing that was running around my mind was the tire pressure dilemma. Low-pressure for more traction or high pressure for more rolling efficiency. As you’ve seen everything is a compromise.


Things to do before the next ride:

  • Adjust saddle angle more nose up
  • Lube chain
  • Write down current bike setup
  • Try to sit a bit further back in the saddle

On the mountain bike again after 30 days

So, I jumped on my mountain bike today after 30 days.  I managed to ride for two hours and twenty minutes covering thirty kilometers.  However, I realized that my fitness level dropped.  My heart rate was slightly elevated going up the usual hills.  The truth is I have to get back to training.  I track my training by time, not distance.  Which means I must train 8 to 10 hours per week. 


The local trails

2019 races and events of interest

2019 MTB races and events