In search of a comfortable saddle part 2

As you’ve seen I’m looking for a new saddle.  I tested the Fizik Gobi last week for about 9 hours.  The saddle felt very hard, but I got used to that.  During the last ride on the Gobi, the numbness returned after about 45 minutes.  This means I have to look for another saddle to test.  However, during the talk with the local bike shop owner, he suggested that I also test out the Fizik Aliante 140mm.  The fact is the Aliante is a road bike saddle, but what does that matter if it fits.  So, after I washed the bike today, I mounted the saddle for tomorrow’s ride.  

Furthermore, I called another local bike shop that sells Fabric saddles but did not get through to anyone. 

The Fizik Aliante
The Fizik Aliante

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