10 reasons you should go tubeless

  1. Better traction and control on the trails, due to the ability to run lower tire pressures without the risk of pinch flats.

  2. Improved puncture resistance, thanks to the use of a liquid sealant that quickly seals small holes and cuts in the tire.

  3. Increased stability and cornering confidence, as tubeless tires tend to have a wider and more stable contact patch with the ground.

  4. Reduced weight, as tubeless tires are generally lighter than their traditional tube-type counterparts.

  5. Lower rolling resistance, which can result in faster speeds and improved efficiency.

  6. Greater flexibility in terms of tire choice and pressure adjustments, allowing riders to tailor their setup to their specific riding style and terrain.

  7. Better overall tire performance and lifespan, as tubeless tires are less prone to damage from debris and punctures.

  8. Improved air retention, as tubeless tires maintain their pressure more effectively over time than traditional tubes.

  9. Increased reliability, as tubeless tires are less likely to fail unexpectedly due to punctures or other damage.

  10. Simplified tire setup and maintenance, as tubeless tires require fewer tools and less frequent tire changes.