Essential skills to master on your mountain bike

Here are five essential skills to master on your mountain bike:

  1. Body positioning: Proper body positioning is crucial for maintaining control and balance on your mountain bike. This involves keeping your body relaxed and centered over the bike, with your hips directly over the saddle and your arms and legs bent to absorb any bumps or obstacles in the trail.

  2. Cornering: The ability to smoothly and confidently navigate corners is essential for mountain biking. This involves leaning the bike and your body in the direction of the turn, using your outside foot to push against the ground for added stability, and looking ahead to where you want to go.

  3. Braking: Knowing how to effectively use your brakes is crucial for staying safe on the trail. This involves applying both brakes at the same time, using your front brake for most stopping power, and feathering the brakes to maintain control while descending steep hills.

  4. Climbing: Being able to efficiently climb steep hills on your mountain bike can make a big difference in your overall enjoyment of the sport. This involves maintaining a steady cadence, shifting your body weight forward to maintain traction, and using your gears to keep a comfortable pedaling pace.

  5. Descending: The ability to confidently and safely descend on your mountain bike is essential for tackling challenging trails. This involves staying relaxed and centered over the bike, using your brakes to control your speed, and looking ahead to anticipate any obstacles or hazards in the trail.


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